2017 Resolutions

Show of hands . . . who else is SUPER excited for New Years Resolutions?  I have to admit it, I absolutely love this time of year!  I just feel like it is the perfect opportunity to take a breath after the busy holiday season, look around, and assess where I am and where I want to head in the upcoming year.  This is one of the times when I completely embrace optimism and believe anything is possible.  This year I am going to be both specific AND realistic with my goals because I REALLY want to keep them (who doesn’t, right?)

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Goal #1 Lose the baby weight

Yes, I know, this is probably the most cliche of all resolutions, but I swear this is totally happening.  I want to be back to my pre-baby weight before we leave for our family vacation on June 10th. This means I need to lose roughly 15 lbs in the next 164 days, so that is less than a pound a week, which seems totally doable, right?  To get there, I am committing to the Ballet Beautiful workout 3-4 times per week which to be clear means a total of 3-4 hours per week.  I might supplement with Tracy Anderson as well, since I already have a ton of her DVDs and her ab workouts are second to none.  Seriously, if that little c-section “pouch” isn’t budging with Ballet Beautiful I am definitely going to add in Tracy Anderson. I will be blogging about this and posting results because I wasn’t able to find much out there on the internet from regular people and nothing from moms trying to lose their baby weight specifically.


Goal #2 Read at least 1 new book each month

I LOVE to read, but ever since I had a second baby and got promoted at work I have been finding it seriously challenging to find time for reading and when I do, I inevitably download some sort of non-fiction book to my Kindle rather than reading solely for pleasure.  Part of the reason is that I don’t want to waste time reading a crappy novel.  I only want to read really great books!  This is where Book of the Month comes in. Basically they do all the hard work of finding truly good books for you (me). At the beginning of each month they announce five new selections that are chosen by their panel of judges; you then chose which one you want, or skip that month by the 6th and then on the 7th they send your book and you get to enjoy it.  They have different plans you can chose, monthly, 3 months or annual.  When you sign up you get a discounted rate that is based on how long you are signing up and if you use my referral link, you will get an even better deal 🙂

I am SO excited to chose my first book in January and I am planning to blog about the books I read through the year as well.  If you join, or are already a member, be sure to let me know which book you select each month on Twitter or Facebook!  I am going to find the time for reading by just carving out the last 30 minutes of my day to sit in bed and read.  This will also help me relax and unwind so hopefully that will mean an even better nights sleep too.


Goal #3 Be more present

Alright, I know, that is a totally vague goal but hear me out because I have a really specific outcome that I am looking for.  This past year I have felt like technology has taken over my life a little bit too much.  Between my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch I feel like I am connected 24-7 and I don’t like it. Even though I LOVE what all these devices do for me I also want to feel unplugged more in the upcoming year.  I think Goal #2 will help with this a little since I am going to be reading actual, physical, hardcovers instead of downloads on my Kindle but I want to do more.  First, I want to journal at least 3 days per week (remember I want to be able to keep these goals so I am being super realistic here).  I keep a Bullet Journal which, I highly recommend you check out if you haven’t already heard about it. Second, I will practice some type of mindfulness 3 days a week.  This could be using the Breathe App on my Apple Watch, using my 10% Happier meditation App on my iPhone or one of the new Circle + Bloom Stress Relief or Mindfulness programs.  Between journaling and mindfulness I’ll be doing something almost everyday that will help me be more present.

That’s it!  Those are my three New Years resolutions for 2017.  Your turn, I’d love to hear your resolutions in the comments below.








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