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Aveda Smooth Infusion Review | iheartmomlife.com

I recently came across an ad for Aveda’s new Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight. The ad featured a model with perfectly shiny smooth hair and said to “Forget everything you know about straightening hair.” It promised to progressively straighten and let you go back to curls when you want. Naturally, I was interested.

For those of you who don’t know, I have very curly hair that I fight with on the daily.  Pre-baby I had great spiral curls that I would rock more often than not. After baby my hair went crazy and the curl fell out (!) so I was just left with weird frizzy hair 🙁 Now 3 years later, I have about 6 inches of curly re-growth and then the rest is just wavy/straightish hair. Given the current state of my hair, I have no choice but to straight/curl it every time I wash it.  And let me tell you, that it is a HUGE production.  I usually wash the night before, air-dry over night and then spend ~45 minutes with a curling iron both straightening and curling it simultaneously. Because this is such a pain, I have been on a quest to find hair products that will help me whip this hair into shape and take the least amount of time possible because I really don’t have an extra 45-60 minutes to deal with this hair every day but I refuse to give in to a daily bun.

Okay back to the Aveda ad – so I decided to do a little Google research and it turns out that there is a whole Smooth Infusion line which includes another new product called the Smoothing Masque that promises to ‘REDUCE FRIZZY VOLUME BY 50% AFTER ONE USE” – and the line had tons of great reviews. I immediately headed to the Aveda store.  Once there I was (easily) convinced to invest in the whole line including: shampoo, smoothing masque, style-prep and naturally straight.  Total cost: $98 (!) Well, at least it is less than what I was spending on Living Proof.

First impressions:

  • Shampoo: Lots of lather, great smell, rinsed easily, no complaints.
  • Smoothing Masque: Not much conditioning power.  I am worried for my very dry hair.
  • Style-Prep Smoother: Nice smell, not really sure what this product was supposed to do but it didn’t seem like it did much of anything.
  • Naturally Straight: Same nice smell as the other products, not overly sticky but I don’t notice much smoothing action from this product.

I decided to blow-dry, something I rarely do, because I was so excited to see the results.  Unfortunately, I was less than impressed.  My hair was frizzy, course and dull. Similar to how it would look with no products.  I followed up with my normal curling straightening routine. I noticed that my curling iron wasn’t gliding through my hair as easily as it normally does and was sticking a little at the ends.  Once finished my hair looked okay but not as shiny and bouncy as it normally does.Aveda Smooth Infusion Results | iheartmomlife.com


Impression after five uses:

I have to be honest with you, I couldn’t make it through five uses with the smoothing masque.  My hair needed a lot more moisturizing than it provided.  I didn’t notice any improvement with continued use of the other products. My frizz was the same maybe even a bit worse because the products didn’t do much to moisturize and my hair was not as shiny as it normally is. I really, really wanted to love these products but overall, I was really disappointed with my results. Sigh, it looks like I will need to continue my search.  If you have any suggestions for products I should try, please let me know in the comments.  Thanks!




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    I have had similar results with Aveda products. People who don’t have especially dry, curly hair don’t get it. And young sales associates with straight hair especially don’t get it. The only products I have found to really help my curly/wavy/greying/colored post-menopause hair (and I don’t like the entire lines) are:

    1) Deva Curl No Poo. It may take a while to adjust to no lather but this does actually get my hair clean without making it a fuzz ball–the state all lathering, “moisturizing” shampoos I’ve tried do. I’d have to say this is the biggest change to helping my hair be more calm and normal. I’ve heard the same for Wen, but never tried it.

    2) EvolvH Ultra Repair deep treatment mask. This makes my hair like silk. It’s expensive and I can’t afford after every shampoo, but this is an I-get-compliments-on-my-hair-after-use product. EvolvH is a silicone and paraben free natural product that posts its ingredients because they are proud of them. (Not being willing to post ingredients on the product’s website is a red flag to me. Are you listening, Aveda?) EvolvH’s moisturizing shampoo is drying and their conditioner is just ok.

    I use different rinse out conditioners trying to stay away from silicones (looks great at first but then my hair looks even worse over time). I do not like Deva’s conditioner, but mostly they all seem to be about the same. Although I have liked, and may try again, Davine’s conditioners (the grapefruit smells great IMO), and have tried the Curly Chicks and similar “natural” conditioners–good, not great.

    I’d love to hear others’ success products. I hope you can notify me of yours or other responses. Thanks for your review.

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      Thanks for your comment Glenda! I have actually tried the Deva Curl No Poo a few years back after hearing raves about it on naturallycurly.com but it wasn’t anything special for my hair. I also recently tried Wen and will be putting together a brief review but it definitely did not have enough moisturizing for my hair.

      I have found a pretty great combo of products from Living Proof that I will also be posting a review for soon. I just want to make sure my initial great results hold up for at least a month before saying it actually works.

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      Hi Kaitlyn! I know, I was very bummed out. I had tried Aveda Be Curly in the past and didn’t have any luck with that either. For whatever reason, I guess Aveda just doesn’t work well for my hair 🙁

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