Bullet Journal Weekly Layout January 8-14

How the Bullet Journal is helping keep this busy mom on track and organized. My weekly spread for January 8-14, 2017 | iheartmomlife.com

I don’t know about you, but with 2 little ones and working outside of the house full-time, I need all the help I can get staying organized. I’ve been meal planning for a few years now on the Notes app on my iPhone and then putting everything else I wanted to accomplish on my phone’s calendar.  This worked okay, but it wasn’t ideal because I had stuff all over the place. I was always switching back and forth between apps, looking at one of my devices and because I wasn’t able to easily see everything at a glance, it was too easy for stuff to slip through the cracks and fall off my radar. 

I started looking for options that would allow me to keep everything I needed/wanted to accomplish in the upcoming week in one place.  Somehow I stumbled upon the bullet journal.  I love how flexible it is.  You can really adjust it to fit your needs and change it up anytime you want.  I also love having something in my life that isn’t on one of my many devices.

I am still really new to the bullet journal so I haven’t completely figured out what works best for me yet so I keep trying out different things. This week I’ve got a layout that I tried out for the first time last week and found it worked really well for me.

How the Bullet Journal is heloing keep this busy mom on track and organized. My weekly spread for January 8-14, 2017 | iheartmomlife.com

It is super simple but has everything I need to keep me on-track and organized. Days of the week on the left, meal plan on the right with space below for weekly memories. Workouts are scheduled so they actually happen and I have little boxes to keep me on track with my New Years resolutions (I ❤ coloring in those boxes).

My one modification from last week was to add a little box to the lower right corner of each day for my mindfulness resolution rather than having it with the workout boxes at the bottom of the page.  Something about having them spread out over all of the days rather than a long row of boxes just makes it seem more manageable. I am hoping this small change will help me get back on track with that resolution.

Your turn!  Let me know what weekly layout(s) are your favorites in the comments below.



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