Farmhouse Style at IKEA

Top 15 Farmhouse Style Picks from IKEA | iheartmomlife.comIf you are lucky enough to have an IKEA near you and you are totally in love with the laid back cozy (dare I say Hygge) vibe of farmhouse style, then this post is for you!

Alright, I have to admit it. My decorating game has been seriously lacking as of late. I have so much other stuff going on and other priorities between the family, work and spending some good quality time on ME that the house has really taken a back seat. But a few weeks ago, I decided enough is enough and I ventured over to IKEA. Usually you think of IKEA for sleek Scandinavian style, so I was blown away, and pleasantly surprised, by all the great farmhouse style I was able to find there. Below are just a few of the awesome pieces I found:

1.  Skogsta Cutting board $11.99
2.  Riddarfjäril Sweater cushion cover $12.00
3.  Smånate  Grey plaid cushion cover $6.00
4.  Vigdis Natural cushion cover $7.00
5.  Ursula 26×26 Cushion cover with ties and ticking $14.00
6.  Vitfjäril 16x 26 Natural pleated cushion cover $10.00
7.  Elly 4 tea towels $3.99
8.  Ingbritt  2 White microfiber tea towels $3.99
9.  Ofelia Vass White duvet cover and shams $39.99
10. Muskot White planter $4.99
11. Sockerärt White metal pitcher $14.99
12.  Socker Metal planter $0.99
13.  Fejka Thyme artificial plant $4.99
14.  Toftbo Microfiber bath mat $7.99
15.  Lohals Jute entry mat $29.99
16.  Metal Clock – this is a bonus that I found At Home $59.99

I hope this post is helpful for anyone looking to find great farmhouse style at a reasonable price point!! I’d love to hear your favorite places to pick up accessories and furniture – we still have a lot of rooms that need some refreshing.


  1. 1

    I’m always so curious how wood cutting boards hold up when you wash them. I had one and it warped on me. Let me know how this one holds up!

    • 2

      I totally will! This one is super thick so I have high hopes for it. I also make sure to dry it completely after washing it and I think there is an oil you can buy to keep it from drying out and warping.

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