Focus T25 Alpha Week 1 Results

My first week of T25 – done!  Here are my first set of stats as well as before and after photos:


One week in and even though I have lost no weight and apparently gained an inch in my waist (huh?) I was happy to see a small decrease in my hip measurement. Maybe it is my imagination, a bit of wishful thinking, but I also feel like my abs are already starting to show more definition. This is great because my abs are an area where I really want to focus. Especially my lower abs which haven’t bounced back completely after my (emergency) c-section.

This week went really well. I didn’t have any issues fitting in my workouts even though work is super crazy right now. Hopefully this will continue since skipping days is the easiest way to get derailed from a new fitness routine. I have noticed that my left knee is bothering me.  Maybe it is all of the jumping, the shoes I am wearing or more likely a combination of the two.  Currently I am wearing Nike Lunarglide 3’s which do not seem to be providing me with the lateral stability I need for these workouts. After some research I found that Shaun T says that he does this workout (and Insanity) in socks. Well there is no way my knees will be able to handle these workouts without shoes, especially since I am doing them in the basement on a concrete floor, but maybe a pair of minimal shoes would work well. I’ll be sure to report back what shoes I end up getting in case anyone else is having this same issue.

I am looking forward to week 2. I’ll check in again next weekend with stats and results. Until then I hope you have a great week!TOL_Post_Signature

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