Focus T25 Alpha Week 2 Results

Week 2 – Done!  Here are my stats and before & after photos:

Tues:    Alpha Cardio – 168 cal.
Weds:  Alpha Total Body Circuit – 168 cal.
Thur:    Alpha Speed 1.0 – 150 cal.
Fri:       Alpha Cardio – 156 cal.
Sat:      Alpha Lower Focus – 135 cal. & Ab Intervals 146 cal.





Week two done and again no weight lost but down in both my waist and hips (yay)!  The lack of weight loss really has me baffled.  I am definitely burning calories with this workout as well as limiting (within reason) my intake.  The only think I can think of is that maybe my body is holding on to extra water right now because my muscles are still getting used to all of this working out.  I’d be interested to know if anyone else is having or has had this experience?

This week went really well.  Again no problems fitting in my workout.  I researched a ton of different shoes and tried on about five pairs that seemed like they would be good for this type of high-impact workout.  I ended up going with the Nike Free 3.0 (yes, I am wearing them in the Week 2 photos…pretty sweet right?) These shoes are super lightweight and flexible I have been loving them for the T25 workouts.  The foot cramps I was having are now gone but unfortunately my knee is still bothering me.  It is starting to get a little swollen which has me pretty concerned.  Before I got married in 2010 I started Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred which is also high impact, but unlike T25 you are doing the same exact workout (yuck).  Well after two weeks my knee swelled up to twice the normal size and I was sure that I have torn my ACL or some other major trauma.  After a trip to urgent care and a set of x-rays I found out nothing was torn but I needed to ice it and rest it.  No more 30 day shred.

Since that experience I have been cautious to keep an eye on my knees and address any issues before they get too bad and I end up out of commission.  When I did a google search, I was able to find lots of people complaining of knee issues, but not many good suggestions for how to prevent/help knee issues.  I will keep looking, hopefully by next week I will have found something that I can share with you.  Until then I hope you have a great week!TOL_Post_Signature


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