Focus T25 Alpha Week 3 Results

Another week done! This week was great because I found something that really helps to stabilize my knee and has eliminated a lot of the pain I was having. But first here are my stats and photos:

Tues: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 182 cal.
Weds: Alpha Speed 1.0 – 130 cal.
Thur: Alpha Lower Focus – 163 cal.
Fri: Alpha Cardio – 175 cal.
Sat: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 155 cal. & Ab Intervals 146 cal.



T25-Wk3-resultsFinally the scale has moved!!!!  I am down 2.5 lbs with a drop in all of my other measurements as well. I think that my water weight theory must have been correct, because there is no other way I could be down that much in just a week.

Now that I am a few weeks in I am able to keep up with these workouts much better and find that I am using the modifier less.  My favorite workout by far is the Total Body Circuit.  I love the burpees… am I the only one?  My least favorite workout is probably Core Cardio.  The jumping lunge progression tends to put a lot of stress on my knees and the 180 jump squat is such a killer (ugh!)

Speaking of knees I found something that has really helped my knee pain.  It is called a “jumper’s knee strap”, “patella band” or “patellar tendon strap.”  You can pick these up pretty cheap from most stores and of course Amazon.  Finding one of these that will fit a little leg like mine was tough since most I found were clearly geared toward men based on there sizing even though they were labeled as unisex.  I bought one from Pioneer Sports Orthotics – super cheap and it has worked great so far.  I found it at the grocery store, so I would imagine that you would be able to find one pretty easily.  I am not sure there is any value to buying an expensive nike strap but I would recommend that you find one that is adjustable.  I hope this helps someone else out – it has made a HUGE difference for me in my workouts.  Until next week I hope you enjoy your workouts! TOL_Post_Signature


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