Focus T25 Alpha Week 4 Results

Another great week of workouts DONE.  I can’t believe I am almost through the Alpha round already.   But enough talk, let’s get down to business.  This weeks stats, before & after photos:

Tues: Alpha Cardio – 180 cal.
Weds: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 175 cal.
Thur: Alpha Lower Focus – 126 cal.
Fri: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 166 cal.
Sat: Alpha Ab Intervals – 110 cal. & Speed 1.0 – 154 cal.





I am getting better and better at these workouts so I am hardly following the modifier at this point (except during that killer push up series – that is still 95% modifier). This has definitely helped to boost my calorie burn.

I am down almost 4 lbs and over an inch down in my hips.  I am really happy with my results so far and better yet I am still enjoying these workouts.  I actually look forward to working out every night.  Sometimes on my rest days I actually find myself thinking about  throwing in an extra workout.  I feel like this workout is starting to become a habit….a really good habit.  I’ll take it!  I’ll check in again next weekend – that will be my official halfway point. Until then, take care of yourself.TOL_Post_Signature

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