Focus T25 Week 8 Beta Week 3 Results

Eight weeks into T25 and still going strong!  Stats, results and pictures for the last two weeks:

Week 2:
Tues: Beta Dynamic Core – 120 cal.
Weds: Beta Core Cardio – 163 cal.
Thur: Beta Rip’t Circuit – 135 cal.
Fri: Beta Upper Focus – 138 cal.
Sat: Beta Rip’t Circuit– 136 cal. & Beta Speed 2.0 – 160 cal.

Week 3:
Tues: Beta Core Cardio – 167 cal.
Weds: Beta Upper Focus – 120 cal.
Thur: Beta Speed 2.0 – 157 cal.
Fri: Beta Rip’t Circuit – 143 cal.
Sat: Beta Dynamic Core– 143 cal. & Beta Speed 2.0 – 176 cal.





In the interest of not boring you out of your mind  I’m combining the week 7 & 8 posts into one easy to read post – if you are still with me at this point I imagine you might be getting tired of the weekly updates….

The last two weeks have been AWESOME!  I broke 110 lbs which puts me just a few pounds shy of my goal weight.  I have to admit that I am surprised by how effective this workout is.  I love it so much that I even convinced my neighbors they should give it a try.

The beta round workouts are great.  Overall I have to say that I enjoy them more than the alpha workouts.  I am interested to know if other people feel the same way?  If you have done the program let me know what you think of beta cycle versus alpha cycle in the comments below.

I also noticed that they seem to be easier on my knees than alpha round which is great.  Even with the jumper’s knee band I was worried that my left knee couldn’t take much more of the pivot lunges in alpha cardio.

Only two more weeks until I finish the program – I can’t wait to post my final results!

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