Focus T25 Day 1 Alpha Cardio

t25-alpha-cardioRight on schedule my T25 order was waiting at my front door when I got home from work today.  Gotta love the free two day shipping with Amazon Prime.  I was super excited to open the package and see what was inside!  The box contained:

    • Quick-Start Guide (Step 1 “before” pictures, weight and measurements; Step 2 find 25 minutes and push play on your first workout; Step 3 when you’re done take your “after” photos, weight, and measurements)
    • 5 Day Fast Track (Meal plan for the first 5 days…I won’t be following this)
    • Get It Done Nutrition (25 recipes, 5 ingredients, 5 minutes to prep. Some of these look good… I will give them a try  and add them into our meal rotations if they are good)
    • Wall-size workout calendar (each day you mark off whether you “nailed it” or “barely made it” . . . hmmm that sounds ominous)
    • 11 Workouts…sadly I learned that had I ordered through a Beachbody Coach I would have received a bonus 12th workout “core speed.”  I didn’t know this when I ordered through Amazon, heck I didn’t even know what a Beachbody Coach was or how to find one to order through.  I will console myself by focusing on the fact that I likely would not have received 2 day shipping (free) if I had ordered through a coach.  Okay, I am feeling better already.

I had already taken my photos, weight and measurements last night, so I was all set to go.  Once my daughter was down for the night I headed down to the basement to Nail my first workout, alpha cardio.  I am pretty compulsive with stats so I will be wearing a HRM to log my calories burned during these workouts.  Oh wait…you want to know where I am starting from?  Okay here are the details:

Weight:     114  ( I am only 5’2″ so this is actually about 9lbs over where I normally am)
Waist:        27.5″
Hips:          37.5″
Thigh:        20.75″

So anyway back to the workout (yes I will have progress photos in future posts).  Now I know I am not in the best shape but this workout reduced me to gasping for air – when Shaun T says “you’re in my gym for 25 minutes a day and you are going to work” he means it!  The biggest surprise for me was how much my feet kept cramping throughout the workout.  There is A LOT of jumping and I guess that really works the muscles in your feet (?) anyway the pain was quite intense.  I had to follow the modifier about 70% of the time.  I am hoping that as I go through the program I will be able to follow the modifier less and less.  Even though the first day was really tough, I think I am really going to like this program.

Alpha Cardio Breakdown

  • Alternating knee lift
  • Lift on toes
  • Slow control jog
  • High knee jog
  • Jack feet
  • Double jack feet
  • Double jack feet + arms
  • Basic jack
  • Pivot lunge + step in
  • Pivot lunge + hop
  • Pivot lunge + knee touch
  • Pivot lunge + floor touch
  • Heel tap up and back (l)
  • Heel tap up and back (r)
  • Lateral sprints
  • Lateral mountain climbers
  • Jump rope
  • Jump rope up + back
  • Up + back slow
  • Half-tuck jump
  • The Burnout Begins!!!! Basic jack
  • Pivot lunge + floor touch
  • Lateral mountain climbers
  • Half-tuck jump – The Burnout ends!!!!
  • Control squat
  • Hop squat
  • Hop hop up + back
  • Hop hop squat
  • On your mark + sprint (l)
  • On your mark + up down (l) (love this move)
  • On your mark + sprint (r)
  • On your mark + up down (r)
  • Low kick (finally a breather…sort of)
  • Low kick on toes
  • Low switch kick
  • High switch kick
  • Running lunge
  • Split lunge agility
  • Jack feet out + in
  • Speed + Agility
  • The Burnout Begins!!!! Hop hop squat
  • On your mark + up down (l)
  • On your mark + up down (r)
  • High switch kick
  • speed + agility The Burnout Ends!!!
  • Hop up + back
  • Hope side + side
  • Alternating speed knee slow
  • Alternating speed knee fast
  • High knee jog
  • Slow control jog

Time – T25!!!!

2:25 Cooldown…. well worth the few extra minutes
Calories Burned 168TOL_Post_Signature

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