Focus T25 Day 4 Alpha Ab Intervals

t25-alpha-ab-intervalsAlpha ab intervals promises to give you a shredded core with an interval-based fat-burning routine.

I have to be honest here, overall I didn’t find this workout to be very challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments where my abs were screaming but those times were few and far between. I was really expecting more of a challenge especially since I lost the majority of my ab strength over the course of my pregnancy.  To be fair it is probably better to not feel like you are going to die through every single workout….I’ll be interested to see my results over the next 5 weeks of the alpha rounf.  Maybe this workout is more effective than it feels? 


  • Child’s pose + plank
  • Down dog + plank
  • Down dog + spider lunge
  • Down dog + oblique knee
  • Low plank hold
  • Side plank hold (l)
  • V sit + arms down
  • Side hip-up (l)
  • Low plank pulse
  • Side plank hold (r)
  • V sit + arms up
  • Side hip-up (r)
  • Alternating speed knee slow
  • Alternating straight leg lift
  • Same arm + same leg (r)
  • Same arm + same leg (l)
  • Both arms + both legs
  • T shuffle
  • Scissor leg + heels up
  • Same side (r) + heels up
  • Same side (l) + heels up
  • Both sides + heels up (okay Shaun – you are getting a little crazy here)
  • Hop hop squat
  • Alternating heel tap slow (this seems too easy… I am sure he is setting us up for something really tough)
  • Dual heel tap slow
  • Dual straight leg lift (oh yeah – here it is – OMG my abs are on fire!)
  • Alternating single leg v hold
  • Sprint turn + squat center
  • Alternating heel tap fast
  • Dual heel tap + 6-inch hold
  • Alternating single leg v lift
  • Speed knee kick (l)
  • Speed knee kick (r)
  • Superman
  • Lat pulldown
  • Straight arm fly
  • Rocketman
  • Lateral mountain climber
  • Plank toe tap in + out
  • Plank feet up + back
  • Up + back + v sit
  • Plank v up
  • Sprint + table top
  • Wide in + out ab pyramid (holy crap this was tough – but I really liked it – crazy, I know)
  • High knee jog
  • Slow control job

Time – T25

3:30 Cooldown.  It’s only another 3 1/2 minutes – don’t skip it 🙂

Calories burned: 145


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