Focus T25 Day 5 Alpha Lower Focus + Cardio

t25-alpha-lower-focusShaun T says that this workout will strengthen and sculpt muscles from the waist down. Even though it is not cardio you WILL sweat.  He tells us that we sweat faster when we use the larger muscles – since this workout is focused on the legs we are going to sweat a lot.  I am dubious because I am not much of a sweater – but he is right, 8 minutes in and I am already sweating.  Okay, Shaun I promise that I will try not to doubt you in the future.  Clearly you know what you are talking about.

There are so many squats and lunges that your legs will be like jelly by the end and then for FUN he throws in not 1 but 2 burnouts.  Like Total Body Circuit I really liked this workout because it was less cardio focused. Even though I burned less calories overall I know that strength workouts will increase muscle which will help me to burn more calories overall.  So you should have both types of exercise.  Don’t let the low calorie burn discourage you!

Lower Focus Breakdown

  • Alternating knee lift
  • Lift on toes
  • Slow control jog
  • High knee jog
  • Jack feet
  • Double jack feet
  • Double jack + arms
  • Basic jack
  • Basic squat
  • Squat pulse
  • Basic squat + arms up
  • Control squat jump
  • Calf raise (l)
  • Calf hop + arms up (l)
  • Calf raise (r)
  • Calf hop + arms up (r)
  • Narrow lunge (l)
  • Wide lung (l)
  • Deep lunge pulse (l)
  • Deep lunge hold (l) – (Shaun T!!!!!  Why are you doing this to meeee?????)
  • Narrow lunge (r)
  • Wide lunge (r)
  • Deep lunge pulse (r)
  • Deep lunge hold (r) (It doesn’t make it any better/easier knowing this was coming)
  • The Burnout Begins!!! Control squat jump
  • Calf hop + arms up (l)
  • Calf hop + arms up (r)
  • Deep lunge pulse (l)
  • Deep lunge pulse (r) – The Burnout ends!!!
  • Alternating front lunge
  • Front lunge + squat
  • Front lunge + 2x squat
  • Lunge squat progression
  • Adductor squat
  • 2 + 2 adductor squat
  • 2 + 2 stay low
  • Stay low adductor burn
  • 2 + 2 knee up
  • Up + over
  • Up + over + 2x squat
  • Up + over + touch floor
  • Deadliest tap (l)
  • Deadliest knee raise (l)
  • Deadliest tap (r)
  • Deadliest knee raise (r)
  • The Burnout Begins (yes again!!)!!! Lunge squat progression
  • Stay low adductor burn
  • Up + over + touch floor
  • Deadliest knee raise (l)
  • Deadliest knee raise (r)
  • Hop squat + hip flexor

Time – T25!

3:10 Cooldown – I did this even though I still had another workout to get through.  I would recommend that you not skip the cooldown even on the doubles day.

Calories burned: 125

At first I think …Seriously I have to do Cardio now?  Then I tell myself – Hey! Stop complaining and just do it!  You have 2 days off after this.  So I do it and it is even tougher than the first time because I am already tired from my Lower Focus workout, but when Shaun says “Time” I am super proud of myself for making it through week 1.

Calories burned: 165

Total calories burned – 295 not too shabby for 50 minutes 🙂  Stay tuned for my stats and progress check in tomorrow.TOL_Post_Signature


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