Okay, it’s time to get back in shape.

t25Like many of us who are chained to our computers at desk jobs all day I have been reading the articles about “sitting disease” with increasing alarm.  I am really starting to worry that I may not be getting enough physical activity in my life.  My new FitBit is doing nothing to help ally my concern.  Before strapping this little device on I was sure that my daily activity was okay for someone with a desk job.  I mean I always choose the stairs, park farther away than necessary not to mention the time I spend chasing around my toddler once I get home from work. I thought I was doing enough.  Well let me tell you, the FitBit gave me a cold hard dose of reality.  After wearing it for a week  I found that I was getting in, on average, less than 5,000 steps per day with some days less than half of that (eek!)  That is well under the 10,000 steps that “experts” recommend we all aim for everyday.  I knew I needed to take action…but how could I possibly fit working out into my already jam packed schedule?

I know that I do better with structured programs so my first thought was to break out my P90X set.  I hadn’t gotten the chance to go through the program since my pregnancy came shortly after the set arrived.  For anyone who doesn’t know, P90X is a pretty big time commitment with some of the workouts lasting up to 90 minutes and the majority lasting about an hour.  I wasn’t sure if this was the best “get back into a fitness routine program” especially for a busy mom like me.

Then early on Saturday morning I saw the solution to my scheduling conundrum.  While I snuggled with my little peanut as she drank her “milky” and I watched infomercials (shhh don’t tell anyone but, I secretly love to watch infomercials early in the morning) like a sign there it was, a new infomercial for Focus T25.  The latest (and greatest?) release from Shaun T the creator of Insanity.  According to the infomercial the program would allow me to focus for 25 minutes of hardcore training four days a week with a double on the fifth day followed by a day of rest and then stretching on the seventh day.  Wait! I can “get it done” in under 3 hours a week? SOLD!  SIGN ME UP!!!

I did a quick search on Amazon (my go-to) and found that I could order it through with my Prime membership which meant I would have it on Tuesday.  Now, I just need to figure out how to fit it in…. After a quick review of my schedule,  I knew mornings were out.  I already get up at 5:15 am so there is no way I am getting up any earlier.  The only other reasonable option is to work out at 8:00 pm.  That way it is after my daughter is in bed (no time lost with her) but not so late that I won’t be able to fall asleep at 10:00 and I still have time with my husband.  Totally a win-win-win.  Also if I start on Tuesday then I can save the double day for Saturday when it should be easier to fit in like maybe during during my little peanut’s nap.   Stay tuned…. I’ll be posting breakdowns of the workouts, reviews, before and after photos, stats and results.TOL_Post_Signature

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