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Kiinde Twist Review |

I am not sure why it has taken me so long to put together a review for the Kiinde system but I am going to fix that right now.  The Kiinde Twist is a “universal direct-pump breast milk collection, storage and feeding system.” The idea is that you can pump directly into the bags, freeze those and then when it is time for your little one to eat you just pop the pouch into the bottle holder, pop the nipple on and you are good to go.  You can recycle the pouches (yay for recycling!) and then you are only left with the holder, the nipple and the cap to wash.  Wait, did you catch that?  At the end of all of this you only have three things to wash!

In Kiinde’s advertising they really play up the fact that the system allows you to eliminate transferring your breast milk between bags and bottles but I think they are missing out on the best selling point of the system. I mean most people get really good, really quickly at transferring their milk between the bottles and bags. The best part of this system is that it helps you to eliminate most of those damn bottles (and parts) you end up having to wash every night.

But you say “Rachael isn’t it more expensive to use the Kiinde Twist bags vs. other bags?”  To which I respond with the following:

You return to work after three months of maternity leave (if you are lucky), your baby is sleeping through the night a few times a week (if you’re really lucky) and you are tired . . . so tired . . . Three times a day, every day, you take time from work to pump (totally worth it) at the same time your baby is taking a bottle so let’s do the math here my friends. If you are pumping into bottles that is 6 bottles and 6 lids (unless you have Ameda bottles which are 2 parts then it is 12 lid parts) so you are already up to at least 12 pumping-bottle related pieces (this doesn’t even include the pump parts!) Now add your baby bottles (3), the screw on rings (3), the nipples (3) and the lids (3) so let’s add that up … 24-30 pump parts every workday (still not including your pump parts!) I don’t know about you, but for me it is totally worth it to spend a little bit more and eliminate all of those dishes.  At the end of a long day the last thing I want to deal with is a full sink of bottles.

A few tips for helping to keep the cost down:

  1. Breastfeeding supplies are FSA eligible – be sure that you are taking advantage of this!
  2. Buy in bulk – I always buy the 80 ct. box of the bags  (they are only $19.99 for Amazon Prime members)
  3. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions. I was able to pick up the gift set for 50% off with a special promotion from Kiinde.

So there you have it. I absolutely love the Kiinde system and would recommend it to any busy mom who is returning to work. If you have any questions about the system or how I use it just leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer.

*This is NOT a sponsored post, I seriously just love this system 🙂

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      Hi Jenny! Yes you can use just about any type of nipple with the adapters however that set up is a little clunky… we really loved the kiinde nipples and never had any issues with them except the normal transition-to-bottle stuff for a day. I definitely recommend giving the kiinde nipples a try since they really make everything easier. Let me know if you have any questions. I have been using the set for over 10 months at this point and still love it 💕

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