Losing the Baby Weight Week 13 Results

I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I the Tracy Anderson Method to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com

Good morning lovelies!  I hope that it is a beautiful day wherever you are in the world.  Even though it is back to being down right chilly here (47) the sun is shining so I can’t complain too much.  This was a really great week!  My Kindergartener had Spring Break so I took the week off of work and stayed home with the girls.  The week started off a bit rough with having to go into the office on Sunday to spend the day (yes a full day) finishing up our Fiscal Year 18 budget.  I was fortunate to have company though, as my 5 year old was super excited to go to work with mommy (remember those days when you were little – ha!).  She spent the day coloring, building puzzles and watching surprisingly little iPad.  The baby also had another cold and was coughing herself awake through the first few nights which meant that I wasn’t catching up on as much sleep as I was hoping to.  But by the end of the week she was feeling better and we were all starting to get more sleep. It is amazing how much your life revolves around sleep when your kids are little.

This week I started off with my normal combination of Beginner Master Class and Dance Cardio.  I definitely did not feel like working out on Sunday after spending the day in the office.  I even told myself that I could skip my workout which made me feel a little bit better but once I got home I changed into my workout clothes, went down to the basement and just started to workout.  Sometimes you have to give yourself a little bit of tough love and I am happy I did because I felt SO MUCH better after working out.  When the new classes were posted the Master Class looked like so much fun that I decided to switch over.  On the first day I found it to be really tricky but the #TAmily was so supportive that I tried it again on Friday and I am not sure why but it just clicked for me and then I absolutely loved it.  The most amazing aspect of the #TAmily is the support and encouragement they give each other.  It was because of this encouragement,  that I decided to attempt MC on Saturday with ankle weights.  And you know what?  Three months after starting to workout again and 5 weeks into streaming I did it!  I finished my first Master Class with ankle weights!!!  I was so proud of myself when I realized that I was going to make it that I almost started crying.  This is the part that I don’t feel like you hear about as much when people talk about how great the Tracy Anderson Method is.  Yes, TAM will give you a killer body, but even more important is that it will reconnect you to your body and that mind-body connection is even more special than the physical results you see in the mirror. So while the scale and some of my measurements nudged up this week after being lax about my diet while on vacation, that is okay.  I can feel my body getting stronger and my clothes are all fitting better so I am still on the right track.

Week 13 Schedule:


BMC 3/23 (35 min) DC 3/15 (25 min)


Rest Day BMC 3/23 (35 min) DC 3/15 (25 min)


Rest Day (Didn’t feel well, so I switched up my rest days.  Listen to your body!)


BMC 3/23 (35 min) DC 3/15 (25 min)


MC 3/29 (70 min)


MC 3/29 (70 min)


MC 3/29 (70 min) w/ ankle weights!!

Total Dance Cardio 1 hours 15 minutes Total Muscular Structure 5 hours 15 minutes Grand Total 6 hours 30 minutes



Thanks for being part of my baby-weight-losing-Tracy-Anderson-Method journey!  If you have any questions for me, just leave a comment below, I always respond.



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      Hi! In general I try to eat pretty healthy. A high quality protein bar and coffee in the morning on weekdays or eggs and whole wheat toast on the weekends when I have time to cook. Lunch is generally a spinach salad with goat cheese, pecans, chicken and balsamic vinaigrette or leftovers from dinner and dinner is a protein and veggie. I don’t drink soda and I try to limit snacks and junk food. I will probably need to be more strict to drop the final pounds so I see that on the horizon 😉 I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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