Losing the Baby Weight Week 2 Results

I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I use Ballet Beautiful and Tracy Anderson to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com

I’m back to provide a wrap-up of week two of my resolution to lose this baby weight. This week I got in a solid workout everyday. In a normal week I would be proud of that but this week it was an even bigger deal because the baby got sick on Tuesday afternoon and had a fever and horrible cough through Saturday.  She was up every few hours which meant that none of us were getting much sleep and the sleep we got wasn’t that great.  On the bright side, she is on the mend and back to her normal happy, laid-back disposition.  Since I was doing so good with my workouts, I was really hoping to get the special 2017 activity badge on my Apple Watch this week but then I forgot to put my watch on until around 10am Friday and ended up missing the 12 hour stand ring (whomp whomp.) Oh well, maybe I will try again this/next week.

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Anyway, I tried out Tracy Anderson’s Precision Toning on YouTube on Wednesday to see if I should add it to my collection.  It is REALLY tough but in a good way. I liked it a lot. In fact, so much that I immediately ordered it on Amazon along with her new TAVA dance workout. Those recommendations on Amazon always get me. . .The TAVA dance is supposed to be a lower impact option which is something I am definitely interested in.  On a side note, does anyone know what TAVA means?  I am thinking TA stands for Tracy Anderson but then I have no idea what the VA would stand for… anyway on to . . .

This Week’s Schedule:


Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout (60 min)


Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance for Beginners #2 + Method Express Upper Body (30 min)


Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout (60 min)


Tracy Anderson Precision Toning Abs + Arms (30 min)


Tracy Anderson TAVA (30 min)


Tracy Anderson Post-Pregnancy (45 min)


Tracy Anderson TAVA + Precision Toning Arms (45 min)

Total Ballet Beautiful 2 hours   Total Tracy Anderson 3 hours  Grand Total 5 hours


I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I use Ballet Beautiful and Tracy Anderson to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com

I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I use Ballet Beautiful and Tracy Anderson to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com



I seriously cannot believe I am already down 4 pounds!  That is a 3% reduction in my weight over two weeks.  I am also super happy to see my measurements continue to go down.  I am definitely starting to notice increases in my strength and stamina while doing these workouts.  Every day I am able to do a few more reps and I can even feel the exercises deeper in my muscles, especially my abs.  In TA’s Post-Pregnancy DVD she talks about how your ab muscles are “asleep” after pregnancy and you have to “wake them up.” This is probably even more true when you have a c-section which has left me feeling pretty numb around my incision area even a year later.

I am loving these workouts so far and the results are great.  For next week I am thinking that I will keep the breakdown of 2 days of Ballet Beautiful and then Tracy Anderson for the remaining days since that seems to have worked really well this week.  Also I have a TON of the TA DVDs so it is easier to have a lot of good variety when I use those. Plus, her ab workouts are awesome and a lot of her other moves also work the abs indirectly so lots of good stuff.

Have you tried either Ballet Beautiful or Tracy Anderson to lose weight after having a baby?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.









  1. 1

    Hi Rachael, I love your blog, it’s refreshing to read i am a mother of two oldest 8 and youngest 3. I have 60 pounds to lose (old baby weight plus some) looking at your workout plan from the past two week doesn’t make me feel over whelmed. I like all tjings TA and BB and was looking for a way to incooperate the two to help me with my journey. If you don’t mind I am going to try your two week plan until i find my feet with planning my own workouts using these dvds (I have all the ones in the photo)😊

    • 2

      Hi Marisia! Thank you so mo much for the compliment 😊 I started blogging about my weight loss (and everything else) as a way to connect with other moms so I’d love to have you join me! I’ll be checking in weekly here on the blog and would love to hear how it’s going for you as well 👍

      • 3

        Thank you Rachael. From your IG post yesterday I take it you have TA streaming. I want to try streaming (considering buying 6 months as a birthday present to myself, end of January) but not sure if it’s worth the money (I live in the UK) are there plans of combining streaming and BB in the format you used for the first 2 weeks?

        • 4

          Hi Marisia, I actually do not have streaming yet. I found a rear view of Tracy’s Dance 1 from TAVA over on Well+Good that I have been using, and that is the image I shared on IG along with instructions for how to stream content on your TV if you have an AppleTV. I love the TAVA Dance Cardio but find it really difficult to follow along from the front view since you have to reverse everything… that is just too much for me right now LOL. My plan is to do my DVDs until I am strong enough to move on to Metamorphosis and once I complete 3 months of Metamorphosis assess whether I am ready for streaming or want to move on to Continuity for a while. The Streaming is expensive, so I want to make sure I am ready for it before I take the plunge 🙂

  2. 5

    Your plan sounds like a great one! Like you don’t think I am strong enough for Meta etc, i am trying to be sensible and not be drawn in by all the excitementaround streaming and dowhst is right for me and finance at present. I will let you know how i get on with the BB/TA rotation. I am on IG marisiaostler40 I don’t post a lot about excercise, I usually post radom things as I go along.

  3. 6

    I enjoyed reading this. I love Tracy’s workouts and have been doing them for almost 2 years. Your journey looks a lot like mine 🙂
    I do continuity now and I agree with Marisia’s point about the excitement around streaming. Continuity is so much more sensible on the budget and it fits into your lifestyle easier, but I’m always tempted by streaming! Love this type of exercise and ballet beautiful looks interesting!

    • 7

      Hi Natalia! Thanks for dropping by!! It is so nice to hear from other TAmmers 🙂 I totally agree regarding streaming, so tempting but I know it isn’t the right time for me. LOL I just made it through all the reps in her Mat Beginner Workout 1 for the first time last night! I am focusing on getting my strength up enough to start Meta. Hoping to be ready for that in the next month. Which “centric” did you use?

      • 8

        I used hipcentric. I really enjoy it and I’ve seen some women who switch during continuity to something else. I’m tempted by abcentric as well. There are so many options for the dance cardio too. I was awful at first and so embarrassed when I started the dance cardio express DVD, but after a while you really get the moves down and now I’m trying the original choreographed DVDs. So much fun!
        Looking forward to hearing about how you like the workouts!

        • 9

          It is nice that you can change once you are in Continuity if you want to. I have Omni, so that is what I’ll start with once I am ready for Meta.

          I hear you on the DC! I always thought I was coordinated but TAVA has made me feel like I have two left feet! The DC for Beginners dances 1 & 2 were a little easier to start with but I am looking forward to getting to the point where I have all of the dances memorized so I can stop concentrating so much on the steps and just dance 🙂

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