Losing the Baby Weight Week 9 Results

I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I the Tracy Anderson Method to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com

Week 9 and week 2 of my streaming trial are already done, I can hardly believe it!  This was a tough week both from a content perspective and a life perspective.  My husband had to travel for work so he flew out on Tuesday afternoon and then got home really late on Wednesday night.  When he travels, I have to really plan ahead to make sure everything can get done and I still have time to get my workout in.  I think that is probably the best advice I can give any other mom out there who is trying to figure out how to fit in their workouts… you’ve got to plan them into your day.  For me, I usually work out after the baby goes down at 7pm and finish just after 8pm.  While it probably isn’t ideal to workout at night (I know Tracy is a huge proponent of AM workouts) this is the only time I can fit it in.  I already wake up at 5:15 am because I have to be at work at 7:30 am so it isn’t feasible for me to think I am going to get up at 4am (actually earlier because I would have to shower, right now I do that at night) to workout.  

You’ll see on Sunday I decided to get a little crazy and try out the Master Class.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t totally crazy, I didn’t attempt to wear ankle weights. I know I am not strong enough to try that yet! Getting through MC gave me a whole new appreciation for how amazing all of the ladies in the #TAmily are who complete it, on the regular, WITH the full ankle weights.  For my first time through I was able to keep up pretty well. When I felt like I couldn’t do another rep or that my form was starting to be compromised, I just slowed my pace or took a quick break.  Master class is much longer but it tends to incorporate a lot more cardio, especially at the beginning through the arms section.  For this reason, I didn’t feel like it was necessary to add DC after MC.  This way I was still working out for about an hour even on the days when I did MC.  I really liked the challenge of MC and decided to do it again on Tuesday.  Going forward, I am planning to do MC twice per week as I continue to progress and get stronger.  I also tried out a new non-TAVA DC.  It is super easy to follow and a lot of fun.  The first half doesn’t have a ton of jumping but the second half does.  I notice some discomfort in my knees and in my ankle so I think it is time to get more supportive shoes.  I had originally ordered a pair of Nike Shox Vaeda’s from Lady Foot Locker because those are what Tracy wears in a lot of her DVDs.  But after two weeks, they cancelled the order stating that they were unable to fulfill it(!)  Super frustrating since I had already been waiting for so long.  I went to Instagram to see what other people were wearing and @partofthetamily recommended Nike Zoom All Outs for DC so I went ahead and ordered those (also from Lady Foot Locker, they sent me a $15 coupon when the cancelled my order for the inconvenience).  I am really excited for them to get here and see if they help my knees for DC.

This Week’s Schedule:


MC 2/22 (71 mins)


Rest Day BMC 2/22 (25 min) + TAVA 12/14


MC 2/22 (61 mins) had to skip the last 10 mins to go pick the girls up


BMC 2/22 (25 min) + TAVA 12/14


Rest Day


BMC 2/22 (25 min) +DC 7/27


BMC 2/22 (25 min) +DC 7/27

Total Dance Cardio 2 hour 10 minutes  Total Muscular Structure 3 hours 54 minutes Grand Total 6 hours minutes



I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I the Tracy Anderson Method to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com

I'm on a mission to lose my baby weight in 2017! Follow along as I the Tracy Anderson Method to meet my goals. Updates and results will be posted to my site| iheartmomlife.com


I am so happy to have crossed over into the teens!  I probably have about 5 more pounds to go before I will be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy size.  I know from past experience that the closer I get to 110, the harder each consecutive pound is to lose. I will not be surprised if the scale starts to move a little bit slower in the coming weeks.  When this happens, it is really hard not to get discouraged but I will try to take the advice I give others and focus on how far I have come and all of the progress I have already made.

I have talked about how I was really worried that I would be missing out on something if I skipped Metamorphosis and jumped right into streaming. After feedback from others and some additional thought, I have decided I don’t think it is an issue. I mean, it is not as though Tracy is going to give her streamers a less balanced or sub-optimal workout right?   That just wouldn’t make any sense.  So, I have decided that I will continue with Streaming once my free trial is over.  I am going to do the 6 month auto-renew subscription which works out to just over $67/month.  Not exactly a steal but considering you are getting two brand new classes every week plus access to all of the DC and TAVA and you workout 5-6 days a week it is WAY less than any in person class I can think of.

If you are interested in trying out streaming and missed the link in my last post. Just go here and enter the code HEALTH at checkout.  The offer was supposed to have expired back on 5/30/16 but it was still working as of 3/1/17. Please be aware that the code will not work if you have taken advantage of a free trial offer in the past though.

That’s all for this week.  As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask or share them in the comments below.


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    Ohh I’m excited to hear how the new shoes work for you. If I’m not careful my shins really get sore. I found some cushioned runners from sketchers and they are really good for me. But I have a feeling that I’ll need another pair to vary things up a bit. And now since I’ve discovered how much fun dance cardio is! I enjoy the cardio options from streaming so much!

    • 2

      I will definitely keep you posted! I have been lucky so far with only the knee pain and no shin splints… those are the worst! The dance cardio options on streaming are awesome. One of the big selling points of me, for sure 🙂

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