Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules – 9 Months

Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules - 9 Months |

Wow . . . 9 months already? I can’t believe that we are at 9 months already!  Before diving into the 9 month schedules, I want to give a few quick updates related to the 8 month schedule.  Even though Evy did awesome the first few days, just about a week and a half after moving to the new schedule she decided that she wanted to go back to her 6 month schedule.  I followed her lead and back we went.  She did great on the old schedule but started to get off track during our week long vacation in Hilton Head.  She was waking up about 3am everyday.  At which point we moved her from the crib (we rented a crib from a local company – best.decision.ever) to the rock-n-play in our room where she slept until her normal 6am wake-up.  The drive home was rough (11 hours without stops), we split it up over two days so she wouldn’t have to be strapped into the car seat for so long all in one stretch.  She had a really rough night trying to sleep in the pack-n-play at the hotel. I ended up just letting her sleep in the bed with me that night out of sheer exhaustion.

I thought once we were back home her sleep would improve, but it only got worse.  She was waking up several times through the night. The second night home she was up every two hours. I was SO exhausted and worried about how I would function when I returned to work in a few days if I couldn’t get her back to sleeping through the night. I was trying to figure out if the issue was her cold, teething or her schedule.  It ended up being a combination of the three.  I remembered reading on one of the sites that every time the night-wakings started that meant it was time to drop a nursing session.  So, we dropped the 5 pm nursing session and things improved pretty quickly after that.  Her naps were the first to improve.  She started to consistently take 2 naps every day for one and a half hours each.  She also dropped her third nap at this same time, so I moved her bedtime up by 30 minutes to help compensate for that.

So that is where we are now.  She is napping great and sleeping through the night.  The only issue we are having is early wake-ups.  For the past week (9 1/2 months now) she has been waking up anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour early.  I am pretty sure this is because her bottom front teeth are currently coming through.  Once they have fully erupted, I think we will be totally back on track…. at least until the next tooth….or the next cold….

On that note, here are the 9 month schedules:

Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules - 9 Months |

What does your 9 month old’s schedule look like?  Let me know in the comments below!



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