Setting Your 2018 Goals

Get ready to ring in the new year with new goals for 2018 |

With the new year just around the corner,

it’s the perfect chance to take a little time to reflect on 2017 and set a few goals to help make 2018 even better!  This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out exercise or overly complicated. In fact, you can probably finish mapping out your goals in under 10 minutes, so let’s get started.

You might be wondering where do I even begin?

There are SO many things I want to do in 2018!! First, go ahead and take some time to think about what you were able to accomplish over the past year. If you set any goals for 2017, how did you do? Last year, I laid out three goals for myself. Goal #1 Lose the baby weight (show of hands how many moms have this exact same goal). I wanted to lose 15 pounds before our family vacation on June 15th. I said I was going to workout 3-4 x week totaling 3-4 hours per week. When I set my goal, that seemed like so much (more than I had ever worked out in the past) and definitely enough to get rid of the last of the baby weight. I started off doing Ballet Beautiful but pretty quickly switched over to Tracy Anderson because I thought I would get better results faster. Officially, I did not achieve this goal because I did not lose 15 pounds by 6/15 but I did start working out 45-60 mins 5-6 times per week (still can’t believe that wasn’t enough to lose the weight!) which crushed my 3-4 hours a week goal. In the end, I am happy that this goal lead me to have a good routine of exercising each week and in the end that is probably a better result than just losing 15 pounds for vacation.

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My 2nd goal was to read at least 1 new book each month.

I crushed this goal with the help of Book of the Month! As of today, I have read a total of 24(!) new books this year and may even squeeze in one more before the year ends. I found that reading before bed was perfect. It gave me a break from electronics and was the perfect way to relax before heading off to sleep. I highly recommend this for any avid readers who may have fallen out of their reading groove and needs a little nudge to get back on track.

My 3rd goal was to be more present.

Which I defined specifically as journaling 3 days per week and practicing some kind of mindfulness 3 days per week. Sadly, this one was an epic failure. I did journal for a while but from the start I never hit the 3 days of mindfulness. I think this is partly because I didn’t bother to plan for it in my days/week and when I did plan time for meditation, I never actually did it. If I set a reminder I would just clear it but not actually do it. Obviously this goal wasn’t actually a priority for me or I would have made more of an effort.

So, what can I learn from all of this? First, I like the idea of having 3 goals that each address a different area of my life. That seemed to work well. Second, I think making the goals specific and clearly defined is a necessity. Third, you need to put a plan in place to make them achievable. That could mean scheduling them in or, like I did with BOTM, finding a resource to help you.

Alright, so now that we have spent some time looking back,

let’s look forward and think about where do we want to be at the end of this upcoming year? Brainstorm all of the things you want to achieve…. fitness, personal growth, professional growth, hobbies, music, art, writing, photography, dance, etc. etc. There are so many options it’s important to really think about what gets YOU excited? Is there something you have been wanting to do or wishing you could do but have never had the time or energy put into it to make it a reality? In a year when you look back and say “I am so glad I did X” what is X? Remember to be specific and put a plan in place to make your goal achievable. Here we go….

Goal #1 Lose the baby weight

Yes, again with the baby weight….. I want to get back to 110 pounds by the end of the year. My plan is to workout 5-6 days per week for at least 30 mins. This is a totally reasonable and achievable goal since I already have a good regular routine of excercising in place. I recently switched from Tracy Anderson Method (TAM) Streaming to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide (BBG). I will restart BBG and complete the 13 week challenge that will start in mid-January. I am really interested to see how my results on BBG compare to TAM. Let me know if I should post updates on BBG, I am not sure how many moms in their late 30s are on her program? I feel like I haven’t seen a whole lot of working moms posting abut her program but maybe I just haven’t found them on Instagram yet? Depending on the results I have after 13 weeks, I’ll decide how to proceed.

Goal #2 Learn to touch type (at least 58 wpm)

I have wanted to improve my typing skills for SO long and 2018 is going to be the year that I finally make this a priority. According to the typing test I just took, I currently type a 38 wpm which isn’t horrible but is far from the 58 wpm that the average touch typer (is that a thing?) and nowhere near the 97 wpm my dear husband sails along at. That means I will need to improve my speed by at least 20 wpm which seems totally doable, right? What I am really excited about is that this goal is going to help me be so much more productive both at work and at home since it seems like I am always typing something. Double win! I’ll need to set aside time to practice, I think I’ll start with 30 minutes 3x week and see how much progress I’m making. If I am seeing enough improvement, I’ll stick with that schedule. If not, them I’ll up my practice sessions.

Goal #3 Post at least 2x per month on IHML

Listen, I know I have been really horrible about posting here on iheartmomlife, and for that I apologize. Really, it’s not you, it’s me. I have so many ideas for posts but putting them together takes a surprising amount of time (my improved typing should help here!!) and with so many other demands, my posting has been woefully inconsistent, but all of that is about to change! In the coming year, I am going to post at least twice per month and hopefully I can get more efficient in my process and get that up to a weekly schedule by the end of the year (hello stretch goal!)

Alright, your turn.

What goals are you setting for yourself in 2018? I can’t wait to hear what you want to accomplish!

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