Stitch Fix #3 – June 2016

Join me as I rebuild my closet after baby #2. I am trying to find a good mix of office appropriate and casual clothes that will flatter my petite frame and transition well as I continue to lose my baby weight. Oh, and since I am nursing & pumping they have to be accessible too. Sound like a tall order? It is! Hopefully this series is helpful to other #workingmoms #pumpingmoms |

I am back with Stitch Fix #3! I know, I know . . . you are probably thinking, didn’t you already have a Fix this month? In my defense, I only ended up keeping one item from my last Fix  so it totally makes sense that I wasted no time scheduling my next one . . . right?

Much to my delight, this time I was able to schedule it to arrive in just over a week versus the two weeks it took for the first and second.  I asked my stylist to send me some nice color to help me round out my, still, very limited post-baby work wardrobe for summer.  I was also hoping to have pieces that coordinated with each other or back to my first Fix.

First Look:

I just love the anticipation of opening the Stitch Fix box, it is so exciting to see what my stylist picked out for me.  My first thought on opening the box was “woo hoo!!! I see shoes and I see color.”

My hopes are really high for this Fix. All of the clothes looked super cute on the styling card:


So let’s get this try-on party started!!!

Okay, I have to admit this is slightly embarrassing but thanks for hanging with me while I get the hang of this whole “taking pictures of the outfits without looking totally ridiculous thing.”  Here we go. . .


And now for the piece by piece run down:

  1. Papermoon Kasidy Geo Print Skirt (SP) $58 – I loved the print on this skirt but absolutely hated how it looked once I tried it on.  I felt like pretty much everything about it was unflattering from the cut to the length to the fabric.  This one went back.
  2. Pixley Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse (S) $48 – I thought the print on this shirt was perfect for summer and I was super excited to try it on.  I was disappointed that it made me look wide and boxy, not really helpful when you are trying to feel good while working on losing baby weight. Plus the sleeve length looked super awkward on my petite frame. This went back as well.
  3. Cresent Allerton Button Front Top (S) $48 – The color on this was okay but it looked sloppy on and didn’t feel office appropriate at all.  I also thought it made me look heavier so this was a no brainer to send back.
  4. Brixon Ivy Jeneva Dress (M) $78 – Oh I had such high hopes for this dress.  The colors were so pretty but I felt like it would have suited someone with lighter hair better.  Once on, I didn’t like the neck or the cut outs at the neckline and along the waist.  I thought the length was good but it seemed like it would work better for a summer wedding than for the office.  The fit in the chest was also off.  The armholes were too large so my bra was visible and it didn’t lay flat.  Another one for the return pile.
  5. Yosi Samara Metallic Ballet Flats (6) $89 – Ah, finally… these shoes salvaged this Fix for me. They are cute, comfy and will pair well with almost anything I wear.  Definitely keepers!!!

Final Thoughts

I think I am going to take a break from Stitch Fix for a month and see what I can find on my own.  Have you tried Stitch Fix?  I’d love to hear how it worked out for you. If you haven’t and you would like to, you can sign up here.


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