Stitch Fix #4 – September 2016

Join me as I rebuild my closet after baby #2. I am trying to find a good mix of office appropriate and casual clothes that will flatter my petite frame and transition well as I continue to lose my baby weight. Oh, and since I am nursing & pumping they have to be accessible too. Sound like a tall order? It is! Hopefully this series is helpful to other #workingmoms #pumpingmoms |

I am super excited to share my latest Stitch Fix with you!  You might remember that I decided to take a break from Stitch Fix for a few months after having two not-so-stellar shipments in a row ( you can see these here: Stitch Fix #3 and here: Stitch Fix #2). I just felt like the clothes I was being sent weren’t flattering, made me feel older and totally unstylish. Pretty much everything you don’t want your clothes to do right?  Now in fairness, since I was (and still am) working on getting down to my pre-pre-pregnancy goal weight, I was not exactly thrilled about how I was looking in most clothes but many of the outfits actually made me look even heavier.  Yuck, right?

This time I kept my request simple and just asked my stylist to send me “fall pieces please!” I am also down to my pre-pregnancy weight so I made sure to update all of my sizes in the app so that everything would fit well.  We were heading out of town for a beach vacation in Hilton Head so I scheduled my Fix to arrive on the Monday after our return 9/12. Unfortunately my Fix got delayed in shipping (on the carrier’s side, Stitch Fix sent it out in plenty of time) so I didn’t receive it until 9/14 after I had already returned to work which is why this isn’t getting posted until now.

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First Look:

When I opened my box and saw two packages, I was super excited!  Even though I always think I don’t want shoes or accessories, when they send them to me, I always end up loving them.  I always start with the note from the stylist and the styling cards.  There was so much good stuff here that I just couldn’t wait to try everything on.

Stich Fix - Sep 2016 |

And now for the piece by piece run down:

Urban Expressions Emmerson Double Zip Satchel (Teal Green) $68 – How did they know that I was desperately in need of a fall tote?  I had been using my coral tote from Banana Republic to lug all of my essentials to and from work over the Spring and Summer and felt like it was definitely time to start to look for something more fall-appropriate. I love everything about this bag. The color is perfect for fall, the style is on trend, it has both handles and a cross-body strap and even though it isn’t very big I can still fit everything I need to take to work everyday including:

  • wallet
  • sunglasses
  • umbrella (I have naturally curly hair, I can’t ever risk being caught in a rainstorm unprepared)
  • make-up bag (this actually doesn’t even hold make-up but Purell, Lysol, tampons, hair ties, Advil, etc… You know, all of the mommy emergency essentials)
  • Sarah Wells Pumparoo Bag with one set of pump parts
  • and my Playtex Fridge To Go (to keep my breastmilk cold – I switched to this now that the baby is 9 months old and I am pumping less everyday

That is so much stuff right? Love, love, love this bag!Urban Expressions Emmerson Double Zip SatchelStitch Fix September 2016 |

Urban Expressions Emmerson Double Zip SatchelStitch Fix September 2016 | iheartmomlife.comSkies are Blue Benko Scallop Hem Blouse (SP) $54 – The print on this top is super cute.  It can be dressed up for work or easily paired with a pair of skinny jeans on the weekend for something more casual.  The color and fit are also spot-on and the scallop hem is a nice detail. Definitely a keeper.

Skies are Blue Benko Scallop Hem Blouse Stitch Fix September 2016 |

Market & Spruce Colibri Polka Dot Print Top (S) $48 – Another super cute top! The polka dots are so cute and  I was really happy that this one fit so well even though it isn’t a petite.  It is perfect or work.  I already wore it paired with a burgundy pleated skirt from Banana Republic (one of my pre-pregancy skirts!  Woo hoo!) and a pair of Nine West Mary Jane style heels.  I got SO many compliments on this outfit!  Obviously I kept this shirt 😉

Market & Spruce Colibri Polka Dot Print TopStitch Fix September 2016 |

Level 99 Shauna Skinny Jeans (4P) $118 – I wasn’t thinking about getting new jeans so I had a moment of disappointment when I saw these in my Fix since my hope is always to get the 25% discount by keeping all 5 pieces but then I realized that  I actually don’t have any jeans that fit me well or are a nice dark wash like these. I kept my fingers crossed that they would fit and be flattering. Well, I had nothing to worry about – these babies are awesome! I totally love them😍

Level 99 Shauna Skinny Jean Stitch Fix September 2016 | iheartmomlife.comLevel 99 Shauna Skinny Jean Stitch Fix September 2016 |

Skies are Blue Delaine Belted Shirt Dress (SP) $68 – A friend at work has this dress and I have to be honest, I have secretly been hoping to get it in a fix. The dress fits really well and it will be a bit of a challenge but I can definitely still pump in this by completely unbuttoning the top and then putting on my hands-free pumping bra. The length is just a tad short for work but I think shirt dresses always feel like that because of how they are cut. As long as I am not raising my hands way above my head, and when do I ever do that at work, I’ll be fine. There was no doubt that I would be keeping this one.

Skies are Blue Delaine Belted Shirt Dress Stitch Fix September 2016 |

Final Thoughts

This was my very best Stitch Fix yet. The total for everything way $267 including the $20 styling fee but before taxes. I feel like this was a really good value for what I got.  I am pretty sure I’ll have all of these pieces in my closet for at least a few years.  Everything felt like it was good quality. No throw away fast-fashion pieces here.  I really don’t think I could have been more happy with everything my stylist sent.  I have heard from other people who are happy with Stitch Fix that it may take a few tries before you get a stylist that really gets you but once you do, it is fantastic. I totally agree with this. I will definitely be requesting the same stylist for my next Fix.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? I’d love to hear how it worked out for you. If you haven’t and you would like to, you can sign up here.










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      I know, right???? My stylist totally nailed it with this fix!!! I have already worn everything in this fix a few times and keep getting tons of compliments 🙂 The dress is not in # sizes but S-M-L. Mine was a SP (Small Petite)

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