Setting Your 2018 Goals

Get ready to ring in the new year with new goals for 2018 |

With the new year just around the corner,

it’s the perfect chance to take a little time to reflect on 2017 and set a few goals to help make 2018 even better!  This doesn’t have to be a long drawn out exercise or overly complicated. In fact, you can probably finish mapping out your goals in under 10 minutes, so let’s get started.

You might be wondering where do I even begin?

There are SO many things I want to do in 2018!! First, go ahead and take some time to think about what you were able to accomplish over the past year. If you set any goals for 2017, how did you do? Last year, I laid out three goals for myself. Goal #1 Lose the baby weight (show of hands how many moms have this exact same goal). I wanted to lose 15 pounds before our family vacation on June 15th. I said I was going to workout 3-4 x week totaling 3-4 hours per week. When I set my goal, that seemed like so much (more than I had ever worked out in the past) and definitely enough to get rid of the last of the baby weight. I started off doing Ballet Beautiful but pretty quickly switched over to Tracy Anderson because I thought I would get better results faster. Officially, I did not achieve this goal because I did not lose 15 pounds by 6/15 but I did start working out 45-60 mins 5-6 times per week (still can’t believe that wasn’t enough to lose the weight!) which crushed my 3-4 hours a week goal. In the end, I am happy that this goal lead me to have a good routine of exercising each week and in the end that is probably a better result than just losing 15 pounds for vacation. Read More…