Farmhouse Style at IKEA

Top 15 Farmhouse Style Picks from IKEA | iheartmomlife.comIf you are lucky enough to have an IKEA near you and you are totally in love with the laid back cozy (dare I say Hygge) vibe of farmhouse style, then this post is for you!

Alright, I have to admit it. My decorating game has been seriously lacking as of late. I have so much other stuff going on and other priorities between the family, work and spending some good quality time on ME that the house has really taken a back seat. But a few weeks ago, I decided enough is enough and I ventured over to IKEA. Usually you think of IKEA for sleek Scandinavian style, so I was blown away, and pleasantly surprised, by all the great farmhouse style I was able to find there. Below are just a few of the awesome pieces I found:

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