Tracy Anderson Muscular Structure Playlist

Music playlist for Tracy Anderson Method Muscular Structure and Mat Workouts |

TAmmers do muscular structure work five-six days a week.  Just like with dance cardio, having really good music is so helpful to keeping you motivated and help you push through the burning pain when you feel like you just can’t lift your leg/arm/body one more time during these workouts. Luckily, because the bpm/tempo isn’t as important as with the dance cardio, there are a lot more options that work well.  I generally try to find something that will either get me in the zone or get me fired up depending on my mood and the particular workout. Read More…

Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio Playlist

Music playlist for Tracy Anderson Method Dance Cardio including TAVA |

TAM fans know that she recommends 30 minutes of dance cardio five days a week.  So that means you’ll be dancing 2 1/2 hours  a week and I mean, you can only listen to soundtrack on the DVD so many times before you just can’t take it anymore. Love it or hate it, having really good music is essential to keep you moving and motivated during these workouts. And unless you are crazy coordinated, having songs that are the correct tempo/bpm to match her original soundtrack is pretty much essential.  I did some searching around wasn’t able to find a good resource for songs that work well for the TA Dance Cardio.  So, I decided to start my own.

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