Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules – 9 Months

Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules - 9 Months |

Wow . . . 9 months already? I can’t believe that we are at 9 months already!  Before diving into the 9 month schedules, I want to give a few quick updates related to the 8 month schedule.  Even though Evy did awesome the first few days, just about a week and a half after moving to the new schedule she decided that she wanted to go back to her 6 month schedule.  I followed her lead and back we went.  She did great on the old schedule but started to get off track during our week long vacation in Hilton Head.  She was waking up about 3am everyday.  At which point we moved her from the crib (we rented a crib from a local company – best.decision.ever) to the rock-n-play in our room where she slept until her normal 6am wake-up.  The drive home was rough (11 hours without stops), we split it up over two days so she wouldn’t have to be strapped into the car seat for so long all in one stretch.  She had a really rough night trying to sleep in the pack-n-play at the hotel. I ended up just letting her sleep in the bed with me that night out of sheer exhaustion.

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Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules – 8 Months

Nursing, Solids + Sleep Schedules - 8 Months |

Hello mamas! I am back with another schedule transition.  Our 6 month schedule has been working so great that I am hesitant to change things up.  Unfortunately, Evy has been showing less and less interest in her 10 am and 2 pm nursing/bottles so I don’t really have a choice but to make an adjustment.  For the past couple of weeks, she will only nurse for just under a minute before she unlatches and starts to look around.  I had to learn the hard way that encouraging her to continue nursing isn’t a good idea because once she is done, she tends to bite (Yeow!!!) Read More…