Focus T25 Alpha Week 4 Results

Another great week of workouts DONE.  I can’t believe I am almost through the Alpha round already.   But enough talk, let’s get down to business.  This weeks stats, before & after photos:

Tues: Alpha Cardio – 180 cal.
Weds: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 175 cal.
Thur: Alpha Lower Focus – 126 cal.
Fri: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 166 cal.
Sat: Alpha Ab Intervals – 110 cal. & Speed 1.0 – 154 cal.

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Focus T25 Alpha Week 3 Results

Another week done! This week was great because I found something that really helps to stabilize my knee and has eliminated a lot of the pain I was having. But first here are my stats and photos:

Tues: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 182 cal.
Weds: Alpha Speed 1.0 – 130 cal.
Thur: Alpha Lower Focus – 163 cal.
Fri: Alpha Cardio – 175 cal.
Sat: Alpha Total Body Circuit – 155 cal. & Ab Intervals 146 cal.

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Focus T25 Alpha Week 1 Results

My first week of T25 – done!  Here are my first set of stats as well as before and after photos:


One week in and even though I have lost no weight and apparently gained an inch in my waist (huh?) I was happy to see a small decrease in my hip measurement. Maybe it is my imagination, a bit of wishful thinking, but I also feel like my abs are already starting to show more definition. This is great because my abs are an area where I really want to focus. Especially my lower abs which haven’t bounced back completely after my (emergency) c-section. Read More…

Focus T25 Day 5 Alpha Lower Focus + Cardio

t25-alpha-lower-focusShaun T says that this workout will strengthen and sculpt muscles from the waist down. Even though it is not cardio you WILL sweat.  He tells us that we sweat faster when we use the larger muscles – since this workout is focused on the legs we are going to sweat a lot.  I am dubious because I am not much of a sweater – but he is right, 8 minutes in and I am already sweating.  Okay, Shaun I promise that I will try not to doubt you in the future.  Clearly you know what you are talking about.

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Focus T25 Day 4 Alpha Ab Intervals

t25-alpha-ab-intervalsAlpha ab intervals promises to give you a shredded core with an interval-based fat-burning routine.

I have to be honest here, overall I didn’t find this workout to be very challenging.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments where my abs were screaming but those times were few and far between. I was really expecting more of a challenge especially since I lost the majority of my ab strength over the course of my pregnancy.  To be fair it is probably better to not feel like you are going to die through every single workout….I’ll be interested to see my results over the next 5 weeks of the alpha rounf.  Maybe this workout is more effective than it feels?  Read More…

Focus T25 Day 3 Alpha Total Body Circuit

t25-alpha-total-body-circuitTotal body circuit is a cardio-based strength workout that doesn’t use weights.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with this workout but was excited because I tend to like circuit workouts more than straight cardio. Let me tell you Shaun T kicked my butt with this one!  This workout left me dripping with sweat and staring at the number on my heart rate monitor in disbelief.  Seriously, I was up in the 160’s at times during this workout. According to Web-Md that is high for my age.  If you are not sure where your heart rate should be you can find your target heart rate by clicking here.

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